Premiere Pro CC - Beginners to Advanced

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In this 3 day course, you’ll learn how to combine and edit video, audio, effects, animation, titles and other elements to build a completed video project. We show you how to get started in assembling your video and take you step-by-step through the production process all the way to project completion.

At the end of this course, you will feel comfortable working in the Premiere environment to assemble and edit digital video projects.

Introduction to Premiere Pro CC

  • Video fundamentals
  • Digital Video Production Workflow

Interface Design

  • Tour Adobe Premiere CC workspace
  • Learn how to incorporate Premiere Pro into your Digital Video Post Production workflow

Essential Video Effects and Transitions

  • Ingesting new media, handling HD and 4k formats
  • Dynamic Timeline Trimming in Premiere Pro CC
  • Video Editing Fundamentals
  • Learn how to add transitions and effects to your projects

Motion Effects

  • Applying motion effects to clips
  • Time Remapping, Slow motion effects & Speed ramping

Multimedia Animation

  • Keyframe Animation

Masking and Map Essentials

  • Mosaic Effect
  • Path on map animation
  • Map zoom in
  • Icons movement on map

Essential Colour Correction and Effects

  • An overview of colour-oriented effects and enhancement tools to streamline your colour-correction workflow

Nested Sequences and Shortcuts

  • Usage of nested sequences, and nesting clips
  • Getting to know keyboard shortcuts

Acquiring and Mixing Audio

  • Setting up a basic recording environment
  • Examining audio characteristics and adjusting volume and gain

Audio Editing and Effects

  • Incorporating Adobe Photoshop and After Effects projecting into the workflow to create dynamic links

Photoshop and After Effects Integration

  • Sweetening sounds with audio effects
  • Production of Stereo and 5.1 surround sound

Export for Web, Broadcast and Archival

  • Overview of export options for web, broadcast and mobile devices, using Adobe Media Encoder
  • Archival options upon project completion

Introduction to other Adobe Video Tools

  • Introduction to Adobe Story, Adobe Prelude and Adobe Speedgrade

Introduction to Encore DVD

  • Introduction to DVD authoring, autoplay DVD, DVD menu creation and Flash (Only in CS6)