Photoshop CC - MasterClass

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This is a session with a difference! It is not just about the features of CC – it is a gold mine of practical and downright useful tips, tricks and step-by-step walkthroughs.

You learn innovative techniques and ideas to achieve photo realistic montages and walk away with a wealth of knowledge you can use immediately. Your syllabus is structured using real world projects with an emphasis on uncompromising quality, flexibility and speed.

Discover new dimensions in digital imaging and take your design skills beyond imagination!

Hardware And Work Habits Matters

  • Configuring your hardware for optimum performance
  • Managing RAM allocation and discover how to free up RAM
  • Determining and setting your scratch disk
  • Saving time with Photoshop power shortcuts
  • Tweaking preferences to optimise performance
  • Resetting Photoshop without re-installing

Bringing Out Details of Your Images

  • Using High Pass filter to improve focus of your images without adding noise
  • Applying edge sharpening to bring details along the edges of your image
  • Enhancing your images details with the Paint Brush tool
  • Creating luminosity mask to quickly adjust exposures

Fine Tuning your Photoshop Skills

  • Effectively revert areas of your image using history brush and the fill with history command
  • Using Color Range for advanced colour selection
  • Expand a selected area using Similar command
  • Using blend-if feature to magically blend images
  • Using “On Image Adjustments” feature to quicken your photo retouching process
  • Applying hue changes without prior selections
  • Confining adjustments to specific areas
  • Making advanced refinements with the Mask panel
  • Using smart filters to apply nondestructive filter effects
  • Create better selections and masks with skin-tone-aware selections and masking
  • Implementing a non-destructive crop
  • Applying perspective warp to correct perspective
  • Using smart objects as a template
  • Packaging your documents
  • Removing unwanted elements automatically
  • Protecting your images with a customised copyright brush