Photoshop CC - Beginners to Advanced

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This course is crafted with the aim of giving you the MOST knowledge within the SHORTEST possible time frame. It is packed with countless helpful tips, techniques and trade secrets that you can apply immediately. Discover the essential skills behind exceptional artworks.

At the end of 3 days, you can whip up effects and create digital magic for every project in a flash!

The Essentials of Photoshop CC

  • Getting to know the work area and customising your workspace
  • Using Adobe Bridge to efficiently organise, browse, locate, rate and preview images
  • Navigating to any area of an image with smoother panning and zooming

Fixing Common Photo Woes

  • Correcting image perspective
  • Straightening crooked images
  • Using auto adjustments to enhance images
  • Correcting tonal balance with Levels
  • Fixing colour cast
  • Sharpening without losing details
  • Improve clarity with automatic camera shake reduction
  • Matching ambience between 2 images
  • Changing the colour of any area in an image
  • Magically remove unwanted defects
  • Advanced retouching techniques for working with human portraits
  • Using Adjustment panel for nondestructive adjustments

Working with Text

  • Adding and manipulating text
  • Bending and warping text
  • Filling type with an image
  • Preview text accurately with system antialiasing option

Isolating An Image Element

  • Using various selection tools, such as marquee, lasso, pen, magic wand, quick select
  • Easily extract intricate object from its background with the Refine Edge feature

Layers Manipulation

  • Organising and managing layers
  • Implementing layer effects and styles
  • Using blending modes to achieve realistic effects
  • Managing layers with layer groups
  • Correcting image exposures quickly with layers

Channels and Masks

  • Create and working with the various types of masks
  • Storing selections in alpha channels for re-use
  • Using quick mask to make complex selections
  • Using layer mask to create realistic photo compositions

Smart Ways to Use Photoshop CC

  • Using vanishing point for perspective transformation
  • Using content-aware scale to resize an image without changing important visual content
  • Applying non-destructive transformations with Smart Objects
  • Remove unwanted “elements” with the content aware fill and healing
  • Reposition awkward elements with Content Aware Move
  • Creating clipping groups
  • Using puppet warp to distort specific image areas