InDesign CC - MasterClass

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Producing pages with speed and precision is an absolute requirement for meeting client deadlines and getting press on time. With intense focus on this requirement, we share better ways to work and accelerate your productivity.

We refine your layout skills to break down barriers in your creative workflow. Whether you are involved in a text-intensive book, magazine or newspaper design, you can see significant benefits with our "tried & tested" tips.

Hardware And Work Habits Matters

  • Saving time with InDesign power shortcuts
  • Tweaking preferences to optimise performance
  • Resetting InDesign without re-installing

Advanced Image Handling

  • Grid place multiple loaded images
  • Transform an image quickly using Auto Fit feature
  • Re-using layout fragments with Content Collector tools
  • Show/hide Photoshop layers within InDesign
  • Switching and viewing layer comps that were created in Photoshop
  • Colourising images within InDesign
  • Creating graphic effects using the Scissors tool

Advanced Text Handling

  • Inserting and formatting footnotes
  • Using versatile frames for lively layout
  • Creating interesting effects with text outlines
  • Balancing ragged text automatically
  • Quickly reflow your text with drag and drop text feature

Data Merge

  • Understanding data merge
  • Preparing source files and target documents for merging
  • Previewing and generating pages from merged records
  • Outputting your merged records directly to PDF


  • Creating tables from scratch
  • Importing data and converting to tables
  • Merging and splitting table cells
  • Splitting tables and adding running headers
  • Applying alternate colours to rows and columns
  • Adding text and images to table cells

Must Know Techniques

  • Adding multiple page masters
  • Using sections to create different parts of a publication
  • Linking master pages for easy update
  • Automating complex effects with Scripts
  • Create a grid of equally spaced frames by using modifier keys