InDesign CC - Beginners to Advanced

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This course provides participants with the hands-on experience to learn the core features of InDesign quickly and easily. The focus of this course is on accelerating your productivity to help you produce pages with speed and precision.

You will discover good ideas and learn the most compelling solution to overcome your challenges during the course. Harness the power of this powerful layout software and start creating your elegant and engaging pages!

The Essentials of InDesign CC

  • Getting to know the work area and customising your workspace
  • Planning and setting up a new document
  • Setting preferences to suit your needs

Creating Documents

  • Setting up layout grids with columns, guides and margins
  • Using masters to ensure consistency across all pages and documents
  • Using frames to plan and shape the layout of your publication
  • Setting running page numbers

Handling Text and Typography

  • Using Story Editor to manage text
  • Importing, threading and editing text
  • Adding special character with glyphs
  • Applying vertical justifications to text frames
  • Applying typographic controls (kerning, tracking, leading and more)
  • Styling blocks of text quickly and consistently with style sheets
  • Wrapping text around objects
  • Creating text frame that matches your text automatically

Drawing and Applying Colours

  • Adding design elements with shapes and lines
  • Working with swatches (add, edit and delete)
  • Changing shapes automatically
  • Dynamically control rectangles with Live Corner effects
  • Using smart guides for accuracy

Assets and Files Management

  • Importing graphics from other applications
  • Checking resolution of linked images
  • Simplifying image transformation with the content grabber
  • Understanding links and embeds
  • Clearing distracting background from imported graphics
  • Handling multiple artboards from Illustrator file
  • Adding creative effects to images
  • Managing links for successful high resolution printing

Getting Ready for Print

  • Understanding the digital printing process
  • Identifying printing errors in real time
  • Building profiles for Live Preflight
  • Preparing the package to go for external printing
  • Avoiding missing fonts using the “Document installed fonts” feature
  • Creating Adobe PDF files with the appropriate settings