Illustrator CC - MasterClass

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This course is packed with tips and techniques carefully selected to help you use Adobe Illustrator more efficiently. It provides creative inspired ideas and helps propel your Illustrator skills beyond any level you may have achieved in the past.

Learn the many unusual techniques that allow you to experiment freely and quickly achieve just the look you want.

Be able to handle complex with speed and ease!

Hardware And Work Habits Matters

  • Saving time with Illustrator power shortcuts
  • Tweaking preferences for improved efficiency
  • Setting up scratch disk to compensate for the lack of memory
  • Ensuring high quality print via Document Raster Effects Settings

Advanced Drawing Techniques

  • Learn the many variations of using Pathfinder commands to reduce drawing efforts
  • Discover hidden short-cut keys that can help you draw efficiently
  • Using Envelope Distort to create shapes
  • Using in-panel appearance editing
  • Distributing objects accurately in a circular ring
  • Go beyond the basic ways of applying blend
  • Using the Width tool to create strokes with variable widths
  • Adding variable strokes as presets

Graphs and Charts

  • Communicating information visually with graphing tools
  • Creating graphs using various charting tools
  • Add and edit graph data
  • Formatting graphs
  • Adding symbols and pictures to graphs
  • Creating 3D pie charts

Must Know Effects

  • Creating concentric borders
  • Creating transparent objects the quick and easy way
  • Create fading effects with opacity masks
  • Using Appearance panel to add “stacking” lines and interesting line styles
  • Add gradients to text without creating outlines
  • Making detailed line adjustments and adding arrowheads
  • Creating a dotted line
  • Creating an “editable” star
  • Drawing with scripts