Illustrator CC - Beginners to Advanced

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This course provides participants with hands-on experience to learn the features of Illustrator CC quickly and easily. Countless time saving tips and techniques are discussed in this course to help you add vitality and impact to your work.

We share indispensable suggestions and advice so that you can achieve sophisticated results with minimal efforts. You will gain new creative freedom and realise that drawing has never been this easy!

The Essentials of Illustrator CC

  • Getting to know the work area and customising your workspace
  • Quick startup with document profiles
  • Setting up design grid with rulers and guides
  • Create “multi-page” files with artboards of varying sizes

Drawing Techniques

  • Mastering the various selection techniques
  • Creating shapes and lines
  • Working with freeform tools including pen, pencil, and brush tools
  • Building new shapes with the Shape Builder tool
  • Reshaping and editing existing shapes
  • Using Image Trace to trace artwork
  • Improving the quality of traced artwork
  • Applying colours using Live Paint tool
  • Using Symbols for re-usable shapes
  • Turning 2D shapes into fully editable 3D objects
  • Draw behind or inside other objects without choosing layers or setting the stacking order
  • Using opacity to create depth
  • Adding non-destructive effects to objects

Working with Layers

  • Keeping track of your objects with layers
  • Easily locate and target an object using layers
  • Using inline editing to rename layers
  • Handling layers and sublayers
  • Changing stacking order
  • Moving art between layers

Painting and Colours

  • Creating and using colour and gradients swatches
  • Adding patterns for a textured look
  • Changing the direction of your gradients
  • Creating smooth colour blends

Text and Typography

  • Create or import text from an external source
  • Working with typographic controls
  • Adding wavy text
  • Creating text and clipping mask
  • Create type outlines to avoid missing fonts issues
  • Get creative with Touch Type tool

Integrating Images

  • Importing images to reduce drawing efforts
  • Managing links for successful high resolution printing
  • Enhancing images with effects
  • Colourising an imported grayscale image
  • Packaging files for hand over to printers