Photoshop CC - Realistic Portrait Retouching

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This course will guide you on how to effectively and realistically enhance the subjects in your Portrait Shoots.

Reducing blemishes, removing imperfections like wrinkles, enhancing eyes, retouching skin, reshaping body, applying special glamour effect....we have got the whole works and lots more right here! Pick up essential tips and techniques on how to touch up your imperfect photos without making it look too fake and Photoshop-ed!

Come on and add to your arsenal of Photoshop retouching skills! It's more than a mind-blowing session that awaits you.

Getting Started with Photoshop CC

  • Getting new users up to speed with Photoshop CC’s modern user interface and work area

Expertly Enhancing the Eyes

  • Making dull eyes to look brighter and adding more life
  • Removing the dreaded red eye phenomenon
  • Changing eye color with catchlight intact
  • Sharpening the eyes to enhance details

Polished Retouching of Skin

  • Effectively removing blemishes such as wrinkles, freckles, moles, pimples, smile lines and many more
  • Smoothening texture and softening skin
  • Softening distracting strong features
  • Reducing hotspots caused by harsh lighting

Skillfully Applying Digital Nip & Tuck

  • Easily applying a digital nose job and enlarging eyes
  • Tucking the chin to create a stronger jawline
  • Optimizing body proportions with a few quick clicks

Other Delightful touch-ups

  • Improving exposure, color, contrast and tone to create a more striking portrait Fixing distracting background
  • Selecting and changing hair color
  • Effectively whitening and brightening teeth
  • Adding lipstick and gloss shine to lips
  • Applying professional portrait effects to make images pop