Photoshop CC - Camera Raw

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What is Camera RAW? Why shoot in Camera RAW? Why is a Camera RAW file size huge? Why are there so many RAW formats? Is RAW for me? Why should I use Photoshop's Camera Raw plug-in when I can open & edit my RAW images using my camera software?

With so many burning questions surrounding the mighty RAW format, this course will serve as an eye-opener on how you can incorporate Camera RAW in your photography workflow, and also discover how quickly you can apply non-destructive edits to any manufacturer's RAW file using Adobe Photoshop's Camera Raw (ACR) plug-in. Stay ahead and keep pace with a rapidly growing number of Photographers who are shooting in RAW format. Come and ROAR WITH RAW!

Getting Started with Camera Raw 8

  • Detailed & essential discussion into the benefits of shooting in RAW & also various RAW formats available
  • Getting to know the Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw interface
  • Setting up Camera Raw preferences
  • Uncovering the Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw & Photoshop workflow

Basic Camera Raw Adjustments

  • Cropping images non destructively using the Crop tool
  • Straightening to fix sloping horizons
  • Automatically correct perspective using the NEW Upright feature
  • Cloning & Healing images to remove minor defects using the ENHANCED Spot Removal tool
  • Understanding and analysing Histogram reading
  • Handling the various Camera Raw Control buttons

Tonal & Colour Adjustments

  • Correcting Color Cast using White Balance controls
  • Adjusting middle tones areas using Exposure and Contrast sliders
  • Beautifully extend tonal range using the Shadows and Highlights sliders
  • Fine-tune extreme shades using Blacks and Whites sliders
  • Enhancing colours using Vibrance and Saturation sliders
  • Adjusting Hue, Saturation & Luminance of individual colours using HSL panel
  • Increase details or add soft focus using Clarity slider
  • Saving snapshots of multiple image adjustments for quick preview
  • Emphasize details using Detail tab

Advanced Camera Raw Adjustments

  • Making localized adjustments using the Adjustment Brush tool
  • Colour Correction using Parametric Curve editor & Point Curve editor
  • Using the Targeted Adjustment tool for quick, intuitive adjustment
  • Fixing common lens-induced problems using Lens Correction tab
  • Reducing noise using mind-blowing noise removal controls

Creating Special Effects

  • Boosting surrealistic landscape colours by adding linear graduated adjustments using Graduated Filter tool
  • Creating a high contrast, classic Black & White image
  • Applying a stylish Split Toning effect to a grayscale image
  • Adding Film Grain effect & Post-Crop
  • Vignette using the Effects panel
  • Applying the NEW Radial filter

Managing Camera RAW files

  • Applying Camera Raw settings quickly across multiple RAW files
  • Setting up workflow between Camera Raw & Photoshop
  • Saving proprietary RAW file formats to JPEG, TIFF, PSD & DNG format
  • Handling XMP files & DNG Converter