Lightroom CC - Photographers' Dream Tool!

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an extremely powerful application that present photographers with valuable tools needed to fulfill their photography workflow requirements : from importing, organising and managing a large collection of images using powerful catalogs, to perfecting the images using non-destructive editing tools, and finally presenting the images in Web, Print, Book or Slideshow format!

With a Photographer’s digital workflow in mind, this course ensures that you get started correctly in Lightroom and get the the most out of it over time! JOIN US TODAY and experience why Lightroom is a one-stop solution and a dream tool for any Photographer!

Getting Started with Lightroom CC

  • Establishing a photography and Lightroom workflow
  • Discussion and planning of image folder structure
  • Understanding Lightroom Catalogs
  • Deciding on Catalog and Image location
  • Creating and managing Catalogs
  • Analysing the Import dialog box
  • Customising metadata template
  • Exporting images in various file formats
  • Uncovering Lightroom and Photoshop workflow

Organising using Library & Map Modules

  • Getting to know Lightroom’s interface
  • Library Module overview
  • Managing and navigating the Library
  • Customizing the Toolbar
  • Viewing photos in the Filmstrip mode
  • Sorting images using Flagging, Labeling and Star Rating
  • Grouping photos into Stacks and Collections
  • Applying keywords to organise images
  • Quickly find images using the NEW Facial Recognition feature Map Module overview
  • Organising images by location with tight integration with Google Maps

Enhancing Images using Develop Module

  • Develop Module overview
  • Using the Quick Develop panel
  • Cropping and Straightening images
  • Applying Develop presets
  • Adjusting white balance, colors and tone
  • Creating virtual copies
  • Managing History and Snapshots
  • Batch apply edits by synchronising
  • Creating surreal or natural-looking images using the NEW HDR Merge feature
  • Creating stunning panoramas using the NEW Photomerge feature

Designing Books using Book Module

  • Book Module overview
  • Applying pre-built page templates and layouts to design a photo book
  • Output book layout as PDF format or to Blurb, the popular self-publishing service

Building Slides using Slideshow Module

  • Slideshow Module overview
  • Creating a presentation using slideshow options, layout and overlay items
  • Previewing and playing a slideshow

Creating Prints using Print Module

  • Print Module overview
  • Exploring Print job options
  • Creating custom Contact Sheets and Picture Packages

Publishing Web Gallery using Web Module

  • Web Module overview
  • Applying a web template and layout customisation