Basic Photoshop CC for Photographers

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If you have ever gotten behind a camera to take a picture, you will definitely believe that you cannot take a picture-perfect shot every time you press the shutter! So what do you do?

Problems and challenges faced by both aspiring and budding photographers are far and many. This concise and powerful session will definitely be an eye-opener as we dive into a range of valuable techniques in Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) that will effectively solve issues ranging from fixing imperfections to digital enhancement and image manipulation! Definitely an earth shattering course you CANNOT afford to miss!

Getting Started with Photoshop CC

  • Getting to know Photoshop CC’s modern user interface and work area
  • Customising your workspace

Organising Efficiently with Bridge CC

  • Getting to know Adobe Bridge CC’s work area
  • Customising your workspace
  • Using Adobe Bridge to browse, locate, examine image quality, stack, label, rate, filter, rotate, rename & many more!

Fixing Common Photo Woes

  • Discussing and establishing a photography and post production workflow
  • Understanding common image file formats
  • Cropping using the Crop tool
  • Correcting image perspective effectively using the Perspective Crop tool
  • Accurately straighten images using the Straighten Image feature
  • Fixing blurry images using the NEW shake reduction filter
  • Fixing underexposed & backlit photos in a jiffy
  • Professionally enhance images with dull colours and poor contrast
  • Identifying and effectively fixing a colour imbalance with a few clicks
  • Sharpening images to enhance details

Selection Tools & Layers Manipulation

  • Using fast yet effective selection tools
  • Improving selection using the Refine Edge command
  • Using non-destructive Adjustment Layers to confine changes to certain areas
  • Managing Adjustment Layers using the Properties panel
  • Using layers to creatively manipulate images

Quick Retouching & Image Repairing

  • Digitally perfect portrait photos by getting rid of common blemishes such as moles, pimples, freckles and laugh lines
  • Removing unwanted elements & image defects using the Clone Stamp tool

BONUS: Must Know Effects & Techniques

  • A look into what the Advanced Photoshop CC for Photographers course has to offer you!