Advanced Photoshop CC for Photographers

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In today’s world, digital photography and image enhancement are the buzzwords! Together with Photoshop CC that has redefined digital imaging with a strong focus on photography, this power-packed workshop will stretch your imagination and elevate your near-perfect photos to the next level and beyond!

Quell your ever-burning needs and desires as MUST-KNOW techniques are uncovered! Get ready to witness the unleashing of Photoshop tools and features that have been built just for Photographers! Come, empower yourself and add to your arsenal of amazing Photoshop tools NOW!

Cropping & Resizing images

  • Resizing & cropping images to a specific size & resolution using the Crop tool
  • Creating interesting compositions using crop overlays such as Rule of Thirds

Artistically Colour & Tone images

  • Creatively darken, lighten and saturate tones
  • Creating classic sepia tone with a sprinkle of film grain effect
  • Converting colour photos into vivid black & white monochrome images
  • Tastefully reveal colours in a converted black & white image
  • Creating photo-realistic, trendy and surreallistic High Dynamic Range (HDR) images using Photoshop's HDR toning features
  • Whipping up realistic, oil painting look with the Oil Paint filter
  • Using non-destructive Adjustment Layers to confine changes to certain areas
  • Managing Adjustment Layers using the Properties panel
  • Using Smart Filters to apply filters nondestructively

Magical Retouching & Repairing

  • Effortlessly remove & replace image elements using Content-Aware Fill
  • Quickly recompose images without complex selection and layer manipulation using the earth-shattering Content-Aware Move
  • Radically transform specific image areas with Puppet Warp tool
  • Using Smart Object to transform a selection non-destructively

Must Know Creative Photoshop Effects

  • Whipping up a cool photo montage
  • Create photographic blur effects with the Photographic Blur Gallery that boasts the Tilt-Shift Blur, Iris Blur and Field Blur!