jQuery for Web Development

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Take the next step in your web design skills with jQuery, which amplifies JavaScript’s power and puts a library of prebuilt functions at your fingertips

You will learn how using jQuery can simplify client-side scripting tasks in the process of adding advanced functionality to web sites. Techniques learnt include incorporating complex animation effects into websites to dynamic page formatting and having the capability to be supported by all browsers

At the end of the course, participants will be able to enhance their existing projects by adding interactive elements more confidently with the help of jQuery.

Overview of jQuery

  • What is jQuery
  • How Dreamweaver can work with jQuery and Javascript
  • Creating a simple jQuery-enabled page
  • Overview of jQuery features

Using jQuery selectors for retrieving content

  • Using basic jQuery selectors and filters
  • Traversing the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Using jQuery attribute filters
  • Child, visibility, and content filters
  • Working with jQuery statement chaining

Manipulating page content

  • Inserting content dynamically
  • Learning how to wrap, replace and remove content
  • Associating data with page elements
  • Using jQuery to work with CSS

Working with Events

  • Understanding the jQuery event handling features
  • Learning how to bind/unbind to connect & disconnect elements
  • Appreciating some of the jQuery helper functions
  • Working with miscellaneous events

Incorporating jQuery Animation

  • Using the animate() method to create animation
  • Creating a more realistic animation using easing functions
  • Implementing advanced jQuery animation
  • Crafting an animated Picture Gallery

Utlising jQuery UI Library

  • Introduction to jQuery UI
  • Working with jQuery UI widgets
  • Exploring the jQuery UI effects
  • Working with ThemeRollers