Dreamweaver CC - Jumpstart with HTML5 & CSS3

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HTML5 & CSS3 are the latest versions of the web’s standard markup language, and includes a range of new features, tags and functionality. In this course, you will have a practical knowledge in implementing new HTML5 elements and attributes.

This course also provides an opportunity to learn CSS3 while demonstrating its capabilities and applications. From the much heralded features of having rounded-corner designs to techniques that are not too commonly used like nth-child selectors, this course is a must for anyone who is serious in web-site design.

Getting started with HTML5

  • Understanding the importance of HTML5
  • Understanding the pros/cons of HTML5
  • Appreciating HTML5 semantics
  • Current HTML5 support
  • New Structural tags
  • Understanding the Outline Algorithm
  • Structuring top-level elements
  • Structuring interior content
  • Providing fall-back solutions for older browsers that don’t support HTML5

Embedding Video

  • Encoding video
  • Integrating video using the <video> tag
  • Implementing different video codecs
  • Providing fall-back solutions for browser that don’t support HTML5 video

More Robust Form Support with HTML5

  • Implementing New Input Types
  • Integrating New Form Attributes

Working with CSS3

  • Working with various combinators for more precise stylings
  • Applying attribute selectors
  • Working with transparencies using CSS3
  • Applying smooth-toning gradients using CSS3
  • Creating rounded-rectangles using CSS3
  • Applying drop-shadows easily without creating images
  • Creating multi-columns for easier reading
  • Applying ‘zebra-strip’ technique on tables using nth-child selectors
  • Working with Web Fonts

CSS3 Transitions and Transforms

  • Changing the transformation of an object using CSS3
  • Setting the transform origins
  • Animating CSS properties
  • Using easing in animations

Resolving Differences among browsers

  • Working with Modernizr to detect specific CSS3 support for a specific browser
  • Ensuring Internet Explorer responds to CSS3 selectors by applying Selectivizr
  • Applying Progressive Internet Explorer(PIE) techniques