Animate CC - Rich Content Creation

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This course gives you a solid foundation in working with Adobe Animate CC and shows how to create an assortment of animated content. You will learn how to get creative with Animate’s drawing tools and bring graphics to life on the stage through motion and shape tweens while incorporating images, video and audio to create total interactive experiences. Techniques on optimizing and publishing your content for delivery on the Web and devices that don’t support Flash Player will be taught.

The Animate CC Interface

  • Choosing different types of document to work with
  • Working with the various panels
  • Setting stage dimensions and customizing workspaces

Structuring an Animate Document

  • Separating content by using layers
  • Customizing gradients using the Color panel
  • Utilizing symbols to create multiple objects with ease
  • Understanding and importing vector files
  • Understanding and importing bitmaps
  • Using masking technique to crop unwanted edges
  • Appreciating Static, Dynamic & Input text

Creating Animation

  • Creating animation using Motion Tweens
  • Working with Motion Paths to develop random animations
  • Creating a more realistic animation with the Motion Editor
  • Using Motion Presets for simple animation

Embedding video and audio

  • Using Adobe Media Encoder to convert
  • Importing videos using the Video Import Wizard
  • Importing and using audio
  • Appreciating the different download settings for audio

Incorporating Multimedia Content

  • Creating and manipulating buttons
  • Introduction to the Code Snippets panel
  • Embedding stop command to frames
  • Understanding event handlers for buttons
  • Linking buttons to specific frames and external sites

Publishing Animate Documents

  • Understand the various Publish Settings
  • Publishing HTML5 Canvas for support in mobile devices
  • Exporting as OAM for Dreamweaver