HTML Email Newsletter Made Easy

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Email marketing is extremely important for many businesses nowadays, so you will want to ensure that your newsletters are not only eye-catching, but display correctly in email applications like MS Outlook and Gmail.

This course concentrates on teaching you exactly how to write HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that will look great and work across the widest range of email applications. Participants will also learn responsive design techniques on creating a newsletter that appeals to both the desktop and mobile email clients.

Designing for the Inbox

  • Design considerations for HTML emails
  • Understanding the different email-clients
  • Appreciating the various layout possibilities

Getting Started with Projects

  • Learning the principles of HTML - element structure, tags and properties
  • Writing good HTML - rules and conventions
  • Learning the various aspects of formatting your HTML

Guidelines for a solid HTML Email Template

  • Using tables for layout purposes
  • Working with inline CSS to bulletproof templates with regards to various email clients
  • Modifying Email templates to be less reliant on images
  • Inserting Alt descriptions in the case of non-displaying images

Crafting out Responsive Emails

  • Understanding the need for responsive emails
  • Using email frameworks for easier implementation

Creating the Email Layout

  • Learning the Foundation for Emails structure
  • Utilising Code Snippets for easier code-injection

Call to Action

  • Creating links to a website
  • Customising link buttons’ appearances

Making Snazzy designs using styles

  • Learning to format text and colours
  • Implementing class styles for greater flexibility
  • Testing in Email Clients