Effective Graphic Design

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This action-oriented workshop is designed for anyone who wants to reap the power of graphic design knowledge. We take you through a progressive learning approach – from identifying the project to having it designed and produced.

We avoid distracting participants with the intricacies of using software; we engage by group discussions, activities and analysis of samples. You will be constantly challenged and checked to measure your ability to handle design challenges.

You may be competent with many design software but still lack the effective graphics design skills. Come and learn the key principles of design to produce compelling materials!

Design Workflow

  • Print design and production
  • Digital design and production
  • Project management at every stage
  • Design jargons

Approach the Project

  • Develop a project brief
  • Using the brief to design
  • Using the brief to communicate
  • Resource planning

Design Secrets

  • Understand design principles
  • Layout and formats
  • Explore what "is" and "is not" effective design


  • Different types of layouts
  • Finding the right one for you
  • Applying typography to your design


  • Understanding various types of fonts and when to use
  • Basic rules of typography
  • Applying typography to your design

Images and Diagrams

  • Selecting images that speaks
  • Learn techniques to manipulate images for impact
  • Using Info-graphics for clarity


  • Understand color theory
  • How to use colors to communicate
  • Color tools you need

Putting them all together

  • Identify an assignment and write a simple project brief
  • Using Layout, Typography, Image and Colors in your design
  • Group critique session on assignment

Bonus - Case Studies

  • Trainer will coach participants on real-life published work