Adobe Acrobat - for Design and PrePress

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We show you how to create reliable, high-quality PDF files and use the many advanced output control tools to help ensure that your files are reliable when they go to press. We ensure participants are able to communicate and collaborate effectively with clients, colleagues and print partners.

Leverage the power of Adobe PDF for a smoother, more profitable workflow.

Acrobat Essentials

  • Understanding the complete digital prepress workflow
  • Matching the correct Acrobat product to each task
  • Getting organised using the Welcome Screen
  • Navigating PDF pages
  • Getting what you want to see
  • Customising your workspace and toolbars

Creating PDF Files

  • Overview of creating PDFs
  • Choosing an appropriate conversion method
  • Easily assemble PDF files from multiple sources
  • Using the Adobe PDF printer
  • Creating PDF files via Distiller
  • Adobe PDF conversion settings
  • Convert paper documents to searchable PDFs
  • Reducing PDF file sizes
  • Exporting PDFs to other file formats

Review and Comment

  • Participate in document reviews and allow comments on designs
  • Managing comments
  • Creating a comment summary

Touching Up and Modifying

  • Manipulating pages and content
  • Adding unifying page elements, such as page numbers, headers or footers
  • Performing last-minute text changes
  • Editing images inside a PDF file
  • Adding new text into an existing PDF file Placing an image
  • Select, move, resize and clip an image
  • Enhancing an image with an external image editor
  • Automatically highlights the differences between two versions of a PDF document

Preflight and Print Production

  • Analysing documents for print readiness
  • Performing preflight inspections and fixing errors in a document
  • Handling preflight profiles
  • Converting the colour space within Acrobat for a successful and more accurate output
  • Embedding printer marks
  • Fixing hairlines issues
  • Using output preview to check your files
  • Flatten live transparency in Adobe PDF files dynamically