Adobe Acrobat - Creating Interactive e-Portfolio

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e-Portfolios empower users to combine different file formats that are created in different applications and presented in a single, polished and customized manner.

With visually appealing PDF Portfolios created in Acrobat, combining documents such as text files, images, videos, Flash movies, illustrations, PowerPoint presentations can now be realised easily and quickly. Media files and interactivity such as links and bookmarks can also be added to create engaging and content rich PDF document.

Learn how to deliver portfolios electronically and share information with end-users in a sophisticated and interactive manner! Transform your ordinary PDF documents into extraordinary ones TODAY!

Getting Started with Acrobat 11

  • Understanding Acrobat 11’s welcome screen and streamlined user interface
  • Customising tools using the Task Pane and Quick Tools to organise workspace

Creating & Combining PDF documents

  • Using multiple methods to convert to a PDF file
  • Choosing appropriate conversion methods to create a PDF file
  • Merging files from multiple applications into a single PDF document using ENHANCED Combine Files wizard

Adding Interactivity and Rich Media Files

  • Creating anchors and adding hyperlinks in a PDF document
  • Adding and editing buttons to initiate an action in a PDF document
  • Adding bookmarks and nested bookmarks to improve navigation within a PDF document
  • Inserting Adobe Flash Player compatible video, Flash animation & sound files into PDF files for playback

Creating & Assembling a PDF Portfolio

  • Discover the PDF Portfolio creation interface
  • Working smart by adding documents, files and folders to Portfolio with the PDF Portfolio Wizard
  • Choosing an appropriate layout and visual theme from a collection of layout
  • Changing the visual appearance by adding a color scheme
  • Personalising Portfolio by customizing a color scheme
  • Creating a header to provide consistency

Securing & Publishing a PDF Portfolio

  • Creating better passwords with the password strength meter
  • Having another level of protection by adding password security to individual PDF documents and PDF Portfolio
  • Methods of publishing and sharing a PDF Portfolio