Adobe Acrobat - Creating Intelligent e-Forms

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Learn how to take static PDF documents and turn them into interactive forms with Acrobat DC. In this course, you will master everything from text, check-boxes to radio buttons and creating buttons with trigger actions.

Techniques on making Acrobat auto-detect form fields using the Form Wizard will be taught. The topics will expand to implement the most commonly requested form features like using javascript and utilising the Form Distribution Process to ultimately aggregate data onto the spreadsheet.

Acrobat DC essentials

  • Acrobat DC interface and workflow
  • Advantage of using Acrobat to create forms

Components of a PDF Form

  • Easy form creation using the Form Wizard
  • Strategies on ensuring Acrobat recognise form-fields more accurately
  • Understanding the different elements of a PDF form
  • Setting tab order to set field order
  • Ensuring form-data are savable

Creating fillable forms in Acrobat

  • Creating and formatting text fields
  • Restricting certain types of data
  • Creating mandatory fields
  • Adding checkboxes for multiple choices
  • Inserting radio buttons for mutually exclusive conditions
  • Implementing combo boxes for ease of selection

Convert into a more Interactive Form

  • Implementing interactive buttons for print, submit and cancel operations
  • Embedding calendars for ease of date selection
  • Embedding an image-placeholder for image replacement in a form
  • Showing and hiding fields

Performing Calculations and Logic

  • Constructing calculated text fields
  • Prepare for field calculations using simplified field notations
  • Adding simple Javascript logic
  • Implementing Digital Signatures

Distribute PDFs and Import Data

  • Using the Form Distribution Process to distribute to multiple recipients
  • Filtering and streamlining form data
  • Aggregating data to spreadsheet
  • Tracking forms within Acrobat