Adobe Acrobat for Business Professionals

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In today’s world, PDF documents are commonplace amongst our myriad of files. And Adobe Acrobat 11 (commonly known as Acrobat XI) is a highly used software in the business arena where we convert files to PDF documents. You might ask, isn’t Acrobat as simple as clicking File, Print? You couldn’t be more wrong as there’s lots more to it than just read, print and share!

This course will empower you with the knowledge to not only create PDF documents,but also to optimise and touchup PDF documents, modify and edit contents, review and add comments, redact sensitive data, as well as add password protection to your sensitive data! Come join us in this spectacular journey as we uncover what has made Acrobat so successful in the business environment!

Getting Started with Acrobat DC

  • Understanding Acrobat DC’s NEW Home View and redesigned user interface
  • Overview of the NEW Tools Centre, Document View and right pane
  • Customising tools and organize workspace using the Tool Centre and Quick Tools features
  • Optimizing PDF viewing experience using the Reading Mode
  • Using the accessibility

Creating & Optimizing PDF documents

  • Using multiple methods to convert to a PDF file
  • Choosing appropriate conversion methods to create a PDF file
  • Optimizing and reducing PDF files

Professional Handling of PDF documents

  • Merging files from multiple applications into a single PDF document using the Combine Files feature
  • Using the NEW Organize Pages tools to insert, replace, delete, move, rotate and reorder PDF pages in a professional manner

Touching up & Modifying Text & Images

  • Adding, replacing and editing text and images with the Edit PDF tools
  • Unifying PDF document with headers, footers and watermarks
  • Saving watermarks, header and footer for easy reuse

Reviewing & Digital Commenting

  • Adding professional-looking comments with sticky notes, highlighter and text comments
  • Changing the appearance of comments
  • Managing comments by filtering and sorting in the Comments right pane
  • Compiling comments from all reviewers into a single PDF document
  • Importing and applying a pre-created customised stamp
  • Enabling Adobe Reader users to participate in reviews with commenting and markup tools

Securing & Protecting PDF documents

  • Creating better passwords with the password strength meter
  • Applying restrictions on printing, copying and altering PDF documents using 256-bit encryption
  • Permanently delete sensitive information using Redaction tools